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Family law for the 21st century

The family law world is embracing modern technology, with electronic bundles, remote hearings, and online processes replacing paper forms. But the disclosure process remains a relic of times gone by — time-consuming, manual, incomprehensible, unwieldy and expensive. This can’t go on.

The future of financial remedy

We have built an electronic disclosure platform which will revolutionise financial remedy cases. We take your clients from beginning to end, automating everything that can be automated, and making life substantially easier for everyone involved. Disclosure becomes slick and intuitive, done in bite-sized, click-through chunks. This simplifies an overwhelming process for your clients who are already going through one of the worst times in their lives.

Simple. Secure. Fair. And yet far more advanced.

Our technology allows you to do sophisticated analysis of bank, credit card and investment portfolio statements directly from the source. You can exchange disclosure within the platform quickly and securely, effortlessly viewing information side-by-side and immediately identifying any issues that need your focus. No data ever leaves the platform — vastly more secure than paper statements, scans or email.

Guide and collaborate with your clients

And all the while, your client is working closely with you, able to contact you in a more specific and effective way, right there within the platform itself.

Want to see?

Your client will love it, and you'll love it. We'd love to speak with you and show you what we can do.

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